Repeal the 8th is a movement that demands the abolition of a constitution in Ireland which criminalize abortion. We in Malaysia support ‘repeal the 8th’ movement and wish to stand in solidarity with our sisters in Ireland. September 28 marks the international day of action to fight for the rights of abortion and repeal the 8th had called upon women and human rights activists from all over the globe to express their solidarity with the movement.

In Malaysian context, expressing our solidarity is not only important for the ‘repeal the 8th’ movement but also serves as a valuable political education especially for the youth. Repeal the 8th is fighting for change but is faced with obstacles from moralists, religious authorities and conservative element in the society similar to what we face here in Malaysia. However, this opposition is being overcome by a clear perspective and an idea of a democratic socialist society in place of the decaying capitalist system. Repeal the 8th is a movement which is capable of exposing the limitation of profit driven capitalist economy which fosters economic, social and moral contradictions, which affects not only Irish women but also Malaysian women and the working class in general.

Therefore, the international struggle is relevant because it raises the idea of solidarity among the working class of the world. Although unable to directly affect the working class and women in Malaysia, repeal the 8th movement champions women’s emancipation struggle against the capitalist system, which is a global system and Malaysia is no exception.

Therefore, support for repeal the 8th movement is a step to fight off the capitalist structures and replace it with a democratic, community and workers managed society. We express our solidarity with the struggle for the emancipation of women and the construction of a socialist world!

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